For both preclinical and clinical courses, within seven working days after the final course/system/rotation exam, the course/system/ director submits a final grade report. The grade report includes the percentage grade achieved in the class and a letter grade – either A, B, C or F. Pluses and minuses are not used. At the end of every semester, the students will receive an unofficial copy of their transcript. The GPA on the transcript is calculated based on the letter grades (A, B, C, or F) for each course. Percentage grades are not reported on the transcripts.

In Progress (IP) Grades

A grade of in progress (IP) is given when the student has not completed all coursework before the end of the semester or module. A student must complete all coursework for DMS courses 800, 889, & 900 by the end of the following semester in which the student registered for the course. If a student does not complete all coursework by the end of the following semester, the IP will automatically become an “F” grade.

All clinical courses (medical science module I-IX, DMS 829, DMS 812, DMS 940, and DMS 930, 930I & 930E) coursework must be completed by the end of the course otherwise, the student will receive a grade of IP, and must complete the course the next semester it is offered. If a student does not complete the clinical course the next time it is offered, the IP will automatically become an “F” grade.

The IP grade removal policy does not apply to students on a leave of absence.