The SMS-DMS recruitment program has three goals:

  1. To increase the visibility of the DMS program to qualified Physician Assistant Candidates. SMS is actively engaged in meeting with potential DMS candidates and the public to discuss the college and the goals of the DMS degree. Institutions and professional organizations are visited as often as possible on a rotating basis.
  2. To attract students from the Appalachian area who are committed to serving this area. SMS will pursue qualified candidates, including recent SMS PA graduates, from the Appalachian region, with special attention to clinicians currently practicing in a primary care venue.
  3. To promote the advancement of higher education among qualified clinicians. SMS will pursue clinicians ready for an academic challenge and in support of advancing health care in innovative ways.

Off-Campus Recruiting

Throughout the year, admissions staff, the faculty, and various administrators make visits to professional organizations, hospitals, conferences, and graduate school fairs. Anyone interested in having a representative from the SMS DMS program make a presentation at their school, conference or meeting should contact the Office of Admissions and Student Advancement.